11 Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Vanishings


Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Vanishings! Creepy disappearances caused by the unexplained mystery, these disturbing lost airplanes & ships vanished mysteriously.

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11: The 5 Navy Bombers
December 1945, a squadron of 5 US Navy bombers left Fort Lauderdale, Florida. During their three hour exercise, flight leader Charles C. Taylor believed they were flying in the wrong direction because he thought the compass was broken. Their situation became worse when they were hit by a storm. Taylor was convinced they had drifted over the Florida Keys. The crew disagreed and there were arguments heard over the radio about which way to go.

10: The Ellen Austin
In 1880 The Ellen Austin was sailing from London to New York when they spotted a ship that looked as if it had been abandoned. They got closer and boarded but found no one. They decided to tow the ship with them. A few men from the Ellen Austin stayed on the ghost ship to help steer her. A storm came up and the two ships were separated. By the time the storm clear there was no trace of the old ship or the crew members.

9: Captain Burack
December 22, 1967, Captain Burack and his friend Patrick Hogan set sail from Miami in his luxury yacht. A few minutes into the trip Burack radioed that he had hit something and requested a tow back to shore. Burack had installed a homemade flotation device in the boat making it virtually unsinkable. The coast guard went out to rescue him but when they got there they couldn’t find the boat.

8: The C-54 Skymaster
July 3, 1947. A C-54 Skymaster took off from Bermuda carrying Major Ralph Ward and 5 others. They immediately went off course but neither the pilot nor the navigator were aware of this. They flew far south of their indented destination. They changed course and headed north and then southwest right into the eye of a massive storm. The ground operator received a faint SOS call but they were so garbled that it couldn’t be understood and was ignored.

7: The SS El Faro
The most recent incident in the Bermuda Triangle occurred on October 1, 2015. The container ship SS El Faro was headed for Puerto Rico from Jacksonville, Florida with 33 men onboard. The captain knew that hurricane Joaquin was in their path and charted a course around it but by the next day the storm had changed direction and was circling the ship. The ship was slammed with 90 mph winds and 40 foot waves.

6: Flight 441
1954, a U.S. Military plane flying Naval officers and their families from Maryland to the Azores vanished. No calls were made to the mainland, none of the 42 passengers were ever found, and there was no debris in the water.

5: Christopher Columbus
The first European to cross the Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus during his famous voyage to the New World in 1492. During Columbus’ first trip he allegedly saw a great fire crash into the sea and a strange light in the area a few weeks later. Columbus also reported his compass was malfunctioning, giving strange readings as they sailed through the triangle region. Fearing that his crew, who wanted to return to Spain, would panic he kept the anomaly to himself.

4: The Star Tiger
January 28th, 1948: British South American Airlines passenger plane Star Tiger plans to fly from Lisbon to Bermuda with a refueling stop in Santa Maria. Before they even left Captain Brian W. McMillan ordered everyone off the plane due to a mechanical issue with one of the engines. 2 hours later the plane took off. The Star Tiger made it to Santa Maria but a storm caused Captain McMillan to postpone the rest of their trip.

3: Walt Wayatt
Not all people who have harrowing experiences in the Bermuda Triangle vanish. In December, 1986 Walt Wyatt set off from Nassau to Miami in his twin engine Beechcraft. He didn’t realize until too late that his compass was broken. He soon ran into some bad weather and was flying blind. The Coast guard reached out to him and was helping him navigate back to Miami when his plane ran out of fuel.

2: The Cloud
December, 1970: Bruce, his father, and a friend take off from Andros Island shortly after 3 p.m. Not long after they were in the air Bruce noticed a long elliptical cloud in front of them hovering just above the water. He had seen clouds like this before but not this low. As they got closer the cloud morphed into a huge cumulus cloud. They started going higher and the cloud seemed to follow them at the same speed.

1: The USS Cyclops
March, 1918: the USS Cyclops sets sail through the Bermuda Triangle with 309 crew members on board. During its voyage she sent only 1 message, which did not indicate any trouble. But the ship and the crew were never heard from again. A massive search of the area turned up nothing. To this day, the incident remains one of the highest human losses on a non-combat ship.


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