5 Most Top Secret Military Locations


The 5 most secret government locations and military bases in the world, from submarine bases and supercomputers to the new Area 51.
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Presenting the five most secret government locations, including a secret satellite tracking station in Pine Gap Australia, an infamous base buried in Mount Yamantau Russia, the Yulin Naval Base in China and its underground complex hiding the latest submarines from passing spy satellites, the Porton Down testing facility in the U.K. and the new Area 51 – Dugway Proving Ground.

Dig Deeper:
Mount Yamantau, Russia: http://nyti.ms/1iHOGj5
Sanya Submarine Base, China: http://bit.ly/1kP72hX
Pine Gap, Australia: http://bit.ly/1oI5oHi
Porton Down, England: http://bit.ly/1pjueuE
Dugway Proving Ground, United States: http://bit.ly/1nkAXS8

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