Black Goo Discovered in Antarctica is Alien in Origin


The description of Black Goo, first discovered in Antarctica is enough to make your skin crawl, the thoughts of such an entity creeping upon you while you sleep does not make for a good nights rest. If such a Black Goo exists beneath our feet, then it makes one wonder about some of the noises we here coming from underground, is the invasion under preparation. As stated by an interviewer this Black Goo was seen to come from the ground then re-enter.

Black goo is an abiotic material that is developed in the upper crust and contains high amount of m-state gold and iridium. It bears the characteristic of an unknown type of magnetism, the range of which is much longer than what you would get in ferromagnetism. Owing to this magnetic property, this substance has the ability for self-organizing itself mechanically in various ways. As of date, there is no definite chemical composition breakup available for the mysterious substance and all that people know about it, is that although it may look like a nonliving jelly kind of substance, in reality, it is very intelligent and it is living.

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