Freemasonry and the Occult | The Light Behind Masonry – Bill Schnoebelen


Bill and Mary Schnoebelen’s ministry is called With One Accord Ministries. It is a faith based outreach and they appreciate your prayers and donations! If you have benefited from this video, please consider supporting their wonderful ministry with a donation at They also have several great books and videos for purchase!

Bill (a former 32nd degree Mason) spends nearly 2.5 hours going over the history, secrets, and political impact of the Lodge and then compares it to the Bible. He shows why the Bible condemns Masonry and gives indisputable reasons for leaving the Lodge.

This history of the Craft is discussed and its long association with pagan fertility cults and the Illuminati is explored. Additionally, Bill explains and demonstrates many of the secret signs and tokens by which Masons can recognized one another and can manipulate the business and legal world to their advantage.

Converting videos to mp3 over sites such as makes for a convenient way to listen to youtube at work or in the car. (I have no affiliation with that site, there are many others of course. Mp3s are a great way to continue your research “on the go!”)

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