Roy Demeo Murder Machine | The DeMeo Crew and The Gemini Method


Roy DeMeo is the Murder Machine, Mafia Documentary, The DMeo Crew The Famous Gemini Lounge and which is where hundreds of gangsters would be chopped up using the Gemini Method.

Roy DeMeo and his motto “No Body, No Crime”

The Demeo Crew and The Gemini Lounge Crew consisted of a few close members:

The members of the crew included Joseph “Dracula” Guglielmo (DeMeo’s cousin), Joseph Testa, Anthony Senter and Joseph’s younger brother, Patrick Testa.

DeMeo cultivated his followers into a crew experienced with the process of murdering and dismembering victims. With the exception of killings intended to send a message to any who would hinder their criminal activities or murders that presented no other alternative, a set method of execution was established by DeMeo and crew to ensure that victims would be dispatched quickly and then made to disappear. The style of execution was dubbed the “Gemini Method,” after the Gemini Lounge which was named after nephew Steven, the primary hangout of the DeMeo crew as well as the site where most of the crew’s victims were killed.

Roy Albert DeMeo (September 7, 1942[1] – January 10, 1983) was a New York mobster and member of the Gambino crime family. He headed the DeMeo crew, a gang suspected of murdering over 150 people between 1973 and 1983; with the majority of their victims’ bodies dismembered and disposed of so thoroughly that they were never found. Roy DeMeo himself is believed to have killed some 70 people.

Spawned the famous contract killer documentary:
The Iceman Tapes – Inside The Mind Of A Mafia Hitman

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