Secret Government, Black Operations…what have they REALLY been doing with tax payers money?


Please DO YOUR NIKOLA TESLA RESEARCH if you are not already caught up. That is important to understand. Do a google Video search and watch the Documentaries about him. Thank you!

This video touches the surface of what the Secret Government has been up to since the death of Nikola Tesla & the technology that can fool the average Joe into believing a fake Alien invasion and who discovered/rediscovered the “UFO” technology. Remember a lot of the time Tesla worked very closely with the Military and they were very aware of what he was capable of well before his death (even though they didn’t understand him). That is the reason why they confiscated all of his work and secured it under National Security. They didn’t understand most of what Tesla meant in his papers at that time…but trust me, they figured it ALL out now…exactly what he feared has happened, this technology is in the wrong hands…

Drones most likely hit the Twin Towers but a Directed Energy Weapon most definitely took them down and disintegrated them! We KNOW it is possible and has taken place!

Tesla Technology, yes, but not alien! Now they plan to release the TR-3b but saying its a mixture of Tesla Tech & Alien lol…

Do your own research and ask questions!

War of the Worlds Broadcast:

Sites to view:

FULL Control of Weather by 2025

Thank you B.O.B for providing Flat Line!

This somehow all ties in with the FLAT EARTH…

R.I.P George Carlin ~_~

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