The American Mafia


(Must See) The American Mafia : (The Real Life Godfathers, Goodfellas, Sopranos, Wise Guys, and Gangsters)(Documentary) The Definitive Guide to the Mob : What is life really like in the American mafia? How do you get in, get made and make money? And what happens when you get in too deep? THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE MOB answers all of these questions and more by turning to the ultimate authority: former Colombo family captain Michael Franzese. Michael grew up in this world, following in the footsteps of his father, Colombo family underboss Sonny Franzese, and he earned more money for the organization than anyone since Al Capone. Michael also did what no made man has ever done before or since: he publicly quit La Cosa Nostra — without going into witness protection — and lived to tell the tale. This fast- paced, two-hour special takes viewers on a step-by-step journey through the world’s most famous criminal organization as lived by one of its most notorious members. You’ll find out exactly how the mob works — and wonder how Michael Franzese is still alive.

Fantastic documentary. You get the truth from a man who LIVED it. He didn’t interview anyone. He didn’t research La Cosa Nostra. He WAS La Cosa Nostra. Probably one of the smartest, craftiest–luckiest– mobsters of all time, Michael Franzese delivers the goods. He tells it like it was, or like he saw it to be.

Complementing Franzese are a group of well-known experts on the Mob, who speak to other details of La Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian Mafia, etc.

If you love anything to do with the American Mob, this documentary is a MUST-SEE. It is well-done, informative, and rings authentic all the way through. You might not like who Franzese used to be, but you will love what he has to say.

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