TOP 10 Richest Families in the World – 2017 Real Net Worth


Here we are again, talking about money. You wanna know the best way to get rich? Be born rich. Everyone knows what kind of money is best. Old money, and the money of the folk on this video is positively antediluvian. So how did they make their riches? Read on to find out as I count down the top ten richest families in the world.

List :
1 – The Rothschild Family $More than the Al-Sauds
2 – The House of Saud $1.4 Trillion
3 – Walton Family $152 Billion
4 – Koch family $89 Billion
5 – Mars Family $80 Billion
6 – Carlos Slim Helú & family $77.1 Billion
7 – Cargill-MacMillan family $45 Billion
8 – Liliane Bettencourt & family $42.7 Billion
9 – Bernard Arnault & family $37.7 Billion
10 – The Cox Family $34.5 Billion

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