UFO Alien Blue Beam Project: Army Fires At Extraterrestrial, Crowd Stunned By 7D Hologram Creature


Look at these owls. Notice their synchronicity. That’s because they are not real. In fact, nothing in this video is real. It’s Blue Beam Project Test to facilitate future fake Alien Extraterrestrial UFO invasion. Unsuspected crowd is stunned when creatures started to appear out of the water. Not only they can see and hear them. Now they can feel and interact with them. That’s right – new Blue Beam Technology allows not only to see and hear the holograms but actually feel them. It is possible by manipulating the density of air and water molecules. New alien technology allows scientists to slightly increase the distance in Hydrogen atom core protons and orbiting electrons. The change is less them one thousands percent, yet it is feel like you are touching the real thing. Look how happy and amazed adults and children. They actually interacting with not existing sea lions, bears and even whales. They can see them, hear them, smell them and feel and touch them. Of course, for now it is controlled environment to test human responses. They need to see how adults, teenagers and children reacting to prevent any bugs and giveaways in the large scale model. This is truly amazing. Stick around and you shall see how they fooled not only an average crowd but made a highly trained Marine unit to fire at not existent extraterrestrial alien monster. But how say they are not existent – they are no less real than you and I – except you can bring them to stand still with a push of a button.
If you still think that any of these animals are real living things or CGI, let’s take a closer look. Notice, how the sea lions repeating the same actions they were programmed too. And then they come to stand still if no additional program is uploaded. It’s like witnessing time itself to stop. For now, they experimenting with common animals because if case of any bugs or glitches, if someone say – I saw a strange cat or monkey in woods that stopped moving or suddenly disappear, would not spark much interest. But if someone says – I saw strange alien creatures landing in the woods – it would draw so much attention that there will be no room for any mistakes of glitches. In fact, two years ago they projected a fake moon hologram to the sky – the dead giveaway was that it appeared in front of the Ferris Wheel instead of being behind it. However, they made so much progress for the last two years, that it won’t be possible to tell what is real and what is not. But there are two unexpected sure giveaways scientists cannot remove yet. Stick around and you shall learn how to tell if you are interacting with the real things or dense animated hologram. Now they can project any person and make him appear and act real. Notice the strange black monk – he is not real and so is the giant space craft near him. See these two clones of me. Again, only one of them is real but the other one is a hologram. If you are still not sure what is real and what is not, than you should look at the sky. On the large scale model of Blue Beam Project – It produces abrupt geometrically impossible clouds because Blue Beam Space Satellite literally have to drill the hole though the clouds to bring realistic large scale hologram images. Notice the projected alien creature in the field being fired upon by elite Marine unit. Than, notice the abrupt change in the sky in the spot where Blue Beam satellite use to project the fake creature. US Marines did not know it so when after firing several cannon rounds, they saw the creature to disappear in smoke and fire. Repeated search of the burnt field by Military Intelligence did not produce any results. So their final report stated that Marines likely fired at the large bear. Top secret footage you are seeing now was shot by tiny hidden CIA camera brought and removed from the field by a robotic dragonfly like the one you saw appearing in front of the moon before. The second giveaway is the production of excessive amount of atmospheric electricity. Shrinking the distance between Hydrogen atoms core and orbiting electrons even by less than one thousands to make holograms not only look real but feel real, also makes air to conduct more electricity creating lighting and thunderbolts in the places they usually won’t be appearing. Recently, we all feel that something big is coming. Now thanks to Kryan channel you know what it is and now you also know how to tell if you interact with manufactured reality by Blue Beam project. This will be the biggest event of your lifetime.

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