UFO Sightings Jet Checks Out UFO June 30th 2017


UFO Sightings Jet Checks Out UFO June 30th 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings on our list looks like it might be alive. This UFO has an organic movement and is a must see for UFO enthusiasts. Just incredible UFO footage over her. No idea what his UFO is but it is amazing! Don’t forget to Share, Like and Subscribe!
UFO Sightings Phoenix Lights. This is archived security camera footage. This quite possibly could be another incident of the phoenix lights. There seems to be three lights red in color. The middle one is blinking. This UFO just hovered thru the air what a beautiful site. Proof positive on this one.
UFO Sightings Unknown Object. This is a great UFO case. The source and wife just got done eating and where headed to their car. The problem was that ems was called due to an older lady having breathing issues. The Fire truck and EMS where blocking the drive so they couldn’t get out and had to wait for the drive to clear. The source looked up while waiting and saw this UFO. This is great UFO footage look at this UFO it has some kind of outer energy glow just excellent footage on this one.
UFO Sightings jet checks out plane. This is amazing UFO footage coming to us from Mexico. This UFO is moving slowly and a jet zooms past it. This is great UFO footage. Is the jet checking out this UFO? The source claims the jet made multiple passes. The UFO looks like it has markings on it. This is amazing UFO footage. What is this UFO doing?
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